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99 CR250 Stator Resistance

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Can anyone tell me the resistance I should get across my stator winding (blue to white) for a 99 CR250?

I bought an aftermarket stator off ebay and ended up with a lighting stator as opposed to a normal one.

I am unable to test the resistance on my original stator (damaged and open circuit) but the new one is 12.5 ohms blue to white.

If this is ok and comparative to OEM, I will remove the yellow wires from the lighting stator and run it.

I have noticed that the connections are near different poles but as long as it will work....

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Thanks mate.

I found that Ricky Stator does a different stator for the 97-98 and the 99 models, with the 99 stator having a nominal resistance of 18-22 ohms. 

The one I got (Electrosport) will bolt straight on to the plate but I wanted to make sure that the resistance difference won't cause any problems to other components or whilst running.  12.5 ohms is at the lower end of the specs but hopefully will still be ok.

Thanks again and cheers for the manual link.

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