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2017 WR450 or 350 XC-F

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Hey all;

I have a few questions regarding these bikes since I'm trying to decide between the two: 


WR450F Questions: 

How easy are these bikes to ride in the tighter single track terrain?  I know they weigh a bit but have heard that they don't feel heavy when they're in motion. 

How well does the suspension work w/ rocks, roots, and clunky areas at higher speeds?  How about at low speeds?  Been reading that the SSS KYB set-up is top notch for off-road riding but wouldn't mind hearing about it from you fine folks!

What is the mileage range w/ the stock tank?  I'm not a high rev kind of rider and really only crack the throttle wide open on open areas (dirt roads, fields, clearer trails, etc) but am curious about how far one could go! 

How easy are these bikes to tune using the GYTR tuner?  I'm sure once you take off the "pea shooter"' that's in the silencer and the throttle stop screw the engine doesn't need much help w/ making power, but am curious about it.  Seems like a very cool feature! 


350 XC-F Questions:

How good are the WP AER forks for off-road terrain?  Are they the same set up that the race bikes get?  Do you have to keep your air pump on you at all times while riding or is that being too nit picky?  Also, is it a bit irrational to have the fear of a fork seal blowing out while in the middle of a trail ride?  

Can you tune the KTM ECU like you can the WR?  Do they need to be tweaked at all or are they pretty solid right out of the box? 

How reliable are these 350cc engines?  Are they as bullet proof as the Yamaha engines?

Is it difficult to add a head light w/ these bikes?


That's all I have for now!  Thank you for reading and possibly replying!



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