WR-450 and Wr-250 Handling Problems

RNS, first thing I would check is compression and rebound settings on your front forks, make sure they are set the same, also set them back to the factory setting if you have made any changes there. You might also check the fork oil height, making sure it is the same in each fork. You did the right thing in switching out the stock Dunlop, I too use a S-12 on my 450 and am having no problems.

Stock front tire sucks! Replace it with a real tire and the bike handles great! :)

Guys, this weekend I put two full turns more tension on the rear spring, and the bike feels much better. Front end more confidently planted, and bike jumps much better too. I can pop better air off small little obstacles, and much fun was had by all :)

OK this is what I did and it seemed to help. I had already changed the tires to S-12's. I lowered the sag to 4" and it got better, but still seemed to wash out in the turns. It still didn't feel like it want to setup properly for the fast turns. So I lowered the forks in the triple clamps 10mm and things got much better. I'm hoping for more. It still doesn't corner as well as the CR 250. I'm going to work with the compression and rebound this weekend. I have read that it is undersprung for my weight with gear @190lbs on the rear spring and going 1 spring heavier will give it a more plush ride as well as help the handling. We'll see.

Also installed a rev-lock and its great.

Correction Z-Start not a rev-lock

my buddies keep calling mine a zip-lock.

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