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2008 Valve Questions

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Picked up a low hour '08 that was purchased off the showroom in 2012.  Shop manual listed new valves in 2015 but that was 2 owners ago so not sure if that's true.  Starts good and I'm going to check the valves this weekend, I'm guessing they are close to spec if not in spec.  Spoke with my dealer and he's a decent guy.  He suggested I just bite the bullet and go stainless kibblewhite which will set me back $400 plus 3 hours labor.  I'm a medium fast C rider racing off road.  I'm a big guy but rarely ever on the rev limiter.  I'm guessing I'll put about 50hrs a year mostly racing hare scrambles and enduros.  How often do you think I'll be shimming the valves?  Should I just go kibblewhite this winter?  Dealer claims it will rarely need shimming once I do that?  He wasn't pushing me, just making a suggestion.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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