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Fork preload and general spring ID question

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2007 200 xcw

It doesn't look like I have externally adjustable preload on these forks, though I read in another thread that the 2007 200 xcw did. My static sag and rider sag are both low ( I'm 195lbs naked) so it looks like the previous owner may have changed springs, or installed spacers . Are these forks as easy as other open Chambers to pop open and mess with?

Also, Im trying to ID the shock spring. It's a racetech, it's orange, and it has 348934 and 6326P15 on it.  I'm just getting confused trying to ID it, and the racetech site is a bit overwhelming.  Is this a factory ktm spring, ie; did racetech supply any springs for the factory? And how does a 8.4 spring rate compare to a P15 or 25? What the hell is a P??


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