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What motorcycle for North Cape, Mongolia, Tour of Africa?

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I’m planning to go on a very long trip by motorcycle. First I want to start with North Cape (from Romania, aprox. 9000 KM) and then Mongolia (aprox. 22000 KM) or Tour of Africa (aprox. 55000 KM). Right now, I have a Suzuki DRZ 400 S (2006), but in my opinion, for this kind of trips I will require a different moto. Worth mentioning here is that my mechanical skills are somewhere around 3 out of 10, but before going in these trips I will really familiarize with the bike from an mechanical/ electrical perspective. My budget for it is between 4000-8000$. I will buy it from EU market and my guess is that it will be second-hand.   

If possible, I would really appreciate your opinions about the following:

1. What motorcycle would you recommend for this kind of trips. Until now, my options are: BMV 650 GS Dakar, 1200 GS (2006-2007), Yamaha XT 660 Z Tenere, Africa Twin (90-03)?

2. What motorcycle would be better: a newer one with more electronics or an older one with less electronics?

3. What mechanical/ electrical parts do I need to know how to change/ repair before going in this kind of trip?

4. What mechanical/ electrical spare parts would you take with you in this kind of trip?

5. What other recommendations do you have for me?

Thank you in advance!


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Alex you will find more activity on this forum related to dirt bikes rather than adventure bikes.  I suggest you try over at www.advrider.com  Lots more postings and riders that are into the adventure bikes....which is what I would expect you would be looking for given your topic.

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Simple(Suzuki DR650)something that can be fixed in BFE, something that can accept varying quality of fuels. You will have to become an 7 out of 10 at least for a trip like this due to the remoteness at times. 

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