2001 WR426

Looking at buying a used 2001 WR426. Is there anything with the 01's I should know about. Anything special I should look for when I go look at it? Thanks for any help !

I have over 4000 miles on my 01 WR426 and it still runs great. Just check for overall condition, Airbox, frame. oil etc.

If it looks sloppy walk away unless they are selling really cheap.

Good luck


I don't recall where I found it, but I did a search on the internet looking for used bike buying tips. I found a pretty good checklist of things to look for (dented/bent frame under engine, suspend bike and check swing arm slop, drain some oil and look at it,...and other stuff like that - you will need to take some tools with you and if the bike is as advertised, they guy selling it shouldn't have any problems with you checking some things). If it is not clean when you go to see it, then it probably was not well taken care of. Other than that, I have an '01 WR 426 and love it. Good luck.

I totally agree with ChrisG. I bought mine recently (used) and I looked at a lot of bikes. Some were good, some were really bad, and I kept looking until I found one that was great.

Just like a car, you can tell a lot by looking at the little stuff: oil (level and condition), air filter, chain condition, etc. Spin the wheels to check for sloppy bearings. Wiggle the swingarm. Check the fork bump-stops. If they are mushroomed, the guy probably crashed pretty hard a few times. Look at the hard to reach places on the engine - if clean, he probably took pretty good care of it. Look at the wheels for scratches. That type of stuff.

Good luck. It's worth the extra time to check out the extra bikes. :)

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