Which ATV for 6yo Son

Hoping for some advice on which ATVs to consider for my 6yo boy. 

So last Fall, I purchased dirt bikes for my boys 6 and 8yo (5 and 7 at the time) as I have always been a dirt bike guy since my dad started me on one at 5yo. I purchased a Raptor 350 for the wife as she had always preferred quads. Tried a TTR125 for her a few years ago and all she did was run into stuff and fall over a lot... so, yeah.. 

My older boy took right to his TTR90 and rides so fast that he scares the hell out of me (like I did my dad), but my 6yo doesn't seem to really want to ride his CRF50 and I wont force him if he's afraid. His coordination and balance is just not where I'd like it to be at his age to continue with the dirt bike at this time. But, he thinks my wife's atv is the greatest thing there ever was and wants to ride with her which I will not allow. 

So, I am thinking about picking up a little quad for him to ride as I think it may be easier and more fun for him. He's 4'2" and about 65lbs plus all the full gear I make them wear even if they want to sit on the bikes and make vroom noises.. 

What would you guys recommend I look at and why? One thing I don't want is something too large that he can "grow into" as I'd rather just buy and sell each year and keep the size as perfect as possible. I'd spend 2k-ish as long as the resale will be within a few hundred of that a year or so from now. Also, I do all my own wrenching as I was an auto mechanic in my first career.  

I'd prefer something as light and stable as possible and with a governable CVT/rev limiter if one exists. 



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Also have been reading about ATV safety for kids. The scare tactics are terribly annoying.. I can't seem to find any data that shows number of injuries/fatalities that occurred on appropriately sized ATVs wearing appropriate safety gear and not breaking the law by riding on the street. That's the only data I'd really care about..

look at a drr or an apex, better performing and much safer with a wide stance, disk brakes, and suspension that wont bounce him off. 

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