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swingarm chain gaurd too short?

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I bought this online https://fortnine.ca/en/acerbis-chain-slider-2081560001 and it is about 3/4 inch too short.

I contacted Fortnine and they told me they havent had any issues with 2005 YZ125 owners saying it's the wrong one.... but it is definitely not going to fit my swing arm. Now I'm starting wonder if some previous owner has put in a different swingarm to the original.

Any ideas or tips on what I can do to find out if I have a different one?

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I think youre on to something.... but what I'm seeing isnt an upgrade. In the 2005 and up YZ125 swing arms there is no weld just in front of where the linkage hole is. It seems prior to that the part of the swing arm that attaches between the frame is a cast piece and is welded to the extruded part. My bike has this weld :(

So now I have to figure out how much of the rear end is pre 2005. I guess I have to wonder why it needed the swing arm replaced in the first place... I'm hoping there is no bent frame or anything like that from a major crash.

I'm pissed because this isnt the first surprise Ive found with this bike. I post a pic when I get home.


EDIT.. ok so it seems both styles have the cast parts at the pivot area but the 2004 one cast piece is large and extends out further. I'm fairly certain I have something like a 2004 swingarm.

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