Baffel restrctor for 99 WR

I'm trying to locate a baffel restrictor for my 99 WR. I can't buy the part from Yamaha unless I buy the complete muffler. Somebody has one laying around that I will pay them for let me know Mike Kaveney Rocklin CA 916-624-2612

Just curious what you need the stock baffle for?

I have mine but I'm planning on keeping it w/stock exhaust. If you just need to borrow one then I'd be happy to loan it to you.


Get in touch with Mark @ 2-Dads Racing. I'm sure he'll have a few on hand. Just go to "search" for 2 Dads.

Hi Brian,

I tried to get a restrictor from the dealer and they will only sell you the whole muffler I need a restrictor when I go to Mammath Bar The Ranger there is a noise cop also and won't let you ride without a restrictor.

Like I said, call Mark at 2 Dads. He'll set you up. Mark buys used parts (in excellent condition). I'm sure he'll have several for you.

check about half way down posts to STROKER,QUIET TIP I think they bolt up to stock pipe


2dads got it for $50

Is the ranger at Mammoth Bar doing a sound check or his he just saying that you cannot modify the exhaust?

I have the Thumper Racing tip & it is a pretty reasonable compromise between the stock pea shooter & an open stock pipe. It should pass the noise test.


Hey MIke

thanks for call the last week. Sorry we could not hook up to ride. Did you get hold of Monty regarding his quiet tip for the ttr 225 (250?) I am telling you it is quiet. If you need his email address let me know and I will call you with it

Hey Brian M (Is it the real Brian????Long beach, santa rosa, beyond???)

I went round and round with the ranger at Mammoth regarding sound. I can tell you this I spent about an hour with him going through different variations to get my e series to pass. E series with 12 disks was 107 dbs. With the quiet core insert and 6 disks I barely passed at 101dbs. The quietest I have seen is Monty's tip (the ttr 225 tip) that he put on his 400. Sounds like an XR. It's plain tough to get a WR or a YZ quiet. Maybe thats why I bought the KTM.


I'm so glad to be moving out of CA by the end of the month. I can't stand the econazi regime in the crap we riders have to put up with. I'm going were I can ride in peace without hassels from Ranger Rick!


Thanks for the reply I looking at trying the vortip from what I read it sounds like that's the ticket I just wish someone has done a sound test so I know if it will pass at Mammath Bar? Is 100 db the limit? also what is the rpm he checks it at 3000?

Has any one test the vortip db on a WR 400?

It's 101 dbs at 3000 rpms, which means a little bit of throttle, He positions it about 18inches to the side of the exhaust when he tests. A few ways around the test are to show up at 8am when the park opens, ride hard for two hours at the track, then hit the trails for an hour or so without coming back in the staging area. When you are tired on the trails head in, pack up and leave. I did that quite a bit when I had my WR and that E series exhaust. If of course you want to play the game. Look forward to riding with you soon.


Mike K.

I run the Vortip on my '00 WR. I had it sound checked once for a dual sport ride and if I remember right, it tested at 88 db. EXTREMELY QUIET, and yields good power gains over the stock insert!!! Hope this helps.

Way to go Tim,

That's what I looking for a real test results with a tad of performance drop SOLD! I'm ordering one Thanks for the reply Tim.

Mike Kaveney, Rocklin

Hi Brian,

Yes Ranger Rick pulls out a tape measure, RPM meter, and a Db Meter. He has you rev to 3000 and hold it measure 18" from tip of exhaust holding Db meter there then sticks it in your face and says YOU CANT RIDE, your to loud and I said that F#*@#$ sucks.

Has anyone checked the district laws in regards to this test? 18" from the exhaust seems extremely close. For some reason 20-30' from the side seems to be what I remember. I could be wrong. After all, hikers and animals are highly unlikely to get that close to you. If so, you might have other things to worry about! If it is that much of a hassle, maybe someone should see if the ranger is overstepping his legal bounds. If not, grin and bear it. If he is, sweet revenge! I just can't take that kind of crap laying down. I was born to challenge this kind of govt. BS :)


18" is pretty standard. It's basically up to the person who is doing the sound test as to whether or not to cite you or not. In the forests around Eastern WA, the max. legal sound level is 105 db, which to me is way too loud for forest riding. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I like to run quiet (and yes, fast)!!! As for issuing citations for excessive noise, it's strictly up to the person performing the tests. Some cut a lot of slack, some don't!!!

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