My 1st Oil Change

I just completed my first oil change and while it was not nearly as easy as my CR250, it was not that bad. I had done one before on a XR600 and it was similar to that except for one thing which is the topic of my question.

I tried to remove and clean the oil strainer in the frame as I have heard is good to do. The bike is a 2001 and as far as I can tell from the paint on the bolt, it has never been removed before. The oil was changed frequently and it is evident from the bolts/allen heads securing the filter and the drains. Is it bad that the strainer has yet to be cleaned out? I tried removing it, but did not have the right socket, I think a 24mm deep socket would work, what do you guys use?

Once removed, what is the best way to clean it and the oil filter?


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i'd say do it once or twice a year....don't worry about it :)

twice a year is too much. i did it after the first ride, there was some metal in it. checked it a year later. not a thing. i may check it next year but it seems there is no point.

I've had 3 YZF's and I've found that is only necessary after you've ridden it 5-10 hrs and after that it's a waste of time.

My strainer was clean both times I pulled it out, on the first oil change there may have been some small metal shavings but nothing noticeable. I used a 24mm box end wrench to pull it out.

cool, I don't feel so bad. one ? though, with you guys using box end wrenches and the like how do set the 60 or so foot pounds of torque required when reinstalling it?

People using the box wrench to tighten the bolts are guessing at the torque. For this bolt, in the real world, an educated guess on the torque will more than likely work fine. However I'm personally a bit more conservative and I use a socket and torque wrench. The sockets are available at Sears.


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