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02 cr125 PWK thoughts.

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Hey guys!


So I have been getting some time on my 02 cr125 (Eric gorr 134 big bored). I recently did a PWK 38 (from a 92 kx250) swap along with the 05-07 air boot swap. Here are my thoughts.


#1 - started at a 185 main, 50 pilot. Using a red JD jetting needle from a 03 yz250. It has the #5 slide. Right away when I put it in, it sounded a MILLION times better. Sounds almost 250 2 stroke like. Much deeper and crispier.


#2 - if you do not like tinkering with jetting ( or do not know how to), this is NOT for you. You need to know what to listen for while jetting it. I have been through over 5 spark plugs trying to jetting it mostly dialed (feel like it is just a tad rich right now).

Elevation - 2,000 ft Temp- 80-110 deg



Needle 3rd pos

170 main

40 pilot

#5 slide


#3 - Right away, it wants to move! It lost a little bottom end grunt (your not riding a 125 2 stroke for bottom end grunt lol), but gained a LOT of top end! The closer I get it to the perfect jetting, the better it feels!


Final thoughts: it is a awesome mod to do if you know what your doing. It is a night and day difference in power! Definitely easier to ride in the power band and I actually like it more than my other 125's. if your thinking about it definitely do it!

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