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CRF 110F Jetting help

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Young bloke is starting to get the hang of his little CRF more now so I thought I might get it to run a bit better, it has always had a bog at WOT.

At the same time I decided to do some of the more common mods to it like opening up the muffler so it's straight through, removing the mesh screen in the intake and changing to a KLX110 Keihin 19mm carby from the stock 13mm carby.

The bike definitely has some more poke but still has the same bog at WOT when you crack it open. Stock jets are 38 pilot and 88 main, i went to a 42 pilot and 92 main, air screw is between 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 out from closed. Stock needle which isn't adjustable.

When I roll on the throttle is runs fine but when i crack it open it almost stops the hesitation is that bad, if i screw the idle up and the air screw all but closed it doesn't have the bog but doesn't overly run that nice and runs on in corners.

I spaced the needle up with a small washer and still no better.

Where do i go from here?

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