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RF4 Flywheel to Starter Gear space?

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This might seem like an odd question but I am having a time and a half with this and not finding much info.  I did a full rebuild on a 2011 450 sxf motor that i got as a lemon and this is possibly the last piece of the puzzle.  


Background: I did a full bottom to top rebuild but sent a few of the things out to have done at a shop.  I had KTM put a new rod on the crank and i had a shop setup the shims on the crank/bearings(so i didn't get in trouble for sticking my motor in the oven :)).  I sent them the bottom end/empty case but i did the original tear down and assembly.


Problem...maybe: So the one way starter gear that sits just behind the flywheel seems to have a bit more play than i would like/expect.  I pulled apart my 2012 and it has a little play but not as much.  I have tried every manner of torquing on the flywheel and i am actually dealing with both a stock flywheel and a trailtech wheel to go with a 90w stator setup.  This is a heavier unit but not an add-on weight.  With both flywheels i can only get them on so far and feel like its not far enough(based solely on the gear play behind it not that it feels like its binding).  I have used an impact, the 4/5th gear holding rear brake method.  I have used a band type oil filter wrench to hold the flywheel and torque the bolt.  It is certainly not an issue where its not getting torqued on.  I used the 44ftlbs that Trailtech suggested in their instructions as well as a bit more in small increments just to ensure that it wasn't "close".  i have tried a bit of oil on the crank.  I made sure the keyway wasn't damaged.  I have inspected everything, even made sure the bolt threads in all the way to the crank without binding.  After the flywheel is on and i feel there is too much gap i have pulled the bolt off and there is a small amount of space(sorry didn't measure but a very small amount.) between the end of the crank and the end of the flywheel.  


Question: So the question really comes down to is this right? or normal?   I wouldn't think there would be much play here but that starter gear has a one way bearing and isn't always moving with the flywheel and the space is set by all things that are fixed.  The only variable is how far the flywheel can go on.  I did notice with the flywheel i got(which included the pickup bracket, stator and flywheel)  that the aluminum bracket has some wear on the back where the gear could rub and so does the pickup bracket i pulled off the bike.  I also know that there are aluminum castings that appear to be surfaces that gear could wear/rub.  This makes me think its okay but the last thing i want to do is waste the bottom end of a bike that i have only gotten to enjoy about 1hr total....I did contact Trail Tech to be sure there shouldn't be a thin spring washer between the two and they said no.  So really just looking to see what others experiences are.



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