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Is a yz 250 too much?

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Hi there i am almost 16 years old and I rode a yz 125 for almost a full season I am 5'6 and weigh 120lbs and I race motocross (on the track) and I am wondering if a yz 250 two stroke is too much for me on the track I've rode a 250f before on flat ground I don't like the weight 

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YZ125 to a YZ250 is a pretty drastic change, what do you find limits you on the 125? 

I would think it takes more than a season to fully master a 125 and push it to it's limits.

You no doubt have the right size/weight and likely good stamina to ride one versus a heavier/older rider.


We often hear 'riding a 125 makes you a better rider'  which I truly believe,

I tend to ride conservatively on straights and jumps but find I can out brake and out corner similar

skilled riders on bigger bikes with the experienced gained in keeping momentum up due to lack of low end torque.

At a certain age thought (I'm 48), maintaining the required 'attack mode' does tire you out much faster.


Myself a 2-stroke guy at heart,

despite the extra weight I must admit the tractability on corner exit of a 4-stroke is a real advantage

but IMO doesn't match the overall fun factor of a super light YZ125.  


If you race competitively against 250F's, well that another story.

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