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Filipino cam chain tensioner fix?

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With rough translation-I can't really tell what he's doing maybe you guys can decide if he's on the right  track

pic1 The tensioner is so yours. To remove you first need to delete the 5 MM ALLEN RL in the middle with 0-ring. You have finished a small and thin flat screwdriver in the hole and turn to clockwise. Need to lock. But there was a loss thread for the 2 mm screw that holds on the engine because the spring pressure is strong.

pic2 Shaking, this is necessary. 12 mm socket to help you later, and the a screwdriver and a small lock. I just made it. My suitcase is key to me and cut down to the lock ring.

pic3 You need to lift up the c-lock or also lock. Be careful it might be thrown and lost.

pic4 When the lock has been deleted, rotate counter clockwise it to be removed

pic5 When you remove the plastic guide and the washer under him, you can see the spring. Notice it almost glued to the wall wall. He's still loose

pic6 Come back to the metal washer inside. Use the 12 mm socket and enter within the spring iniipit. On the opposite side, plug the modified key or what else, and screwed clockwise. Don't overdo it

pic7 If you move it, the key will be lock in the gatla and when you look at the inside of the tensioner, it is a little tight in the spring 

pic 8 That is the appearance when it is lock to not the spring. Don't mind the key until you go to the bike.

pic 9 Bring back the washer, Plastic Guide, and the metal lock of tensioner while flex clockwise until coming soon to end. Also bring back the c-lock or ring.













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It looks like he is taking the tensioner apart and cleaning/fixing it. I did that on my to make sure it didn't get stuck... Really I just lubed it up well. What I'm not clear on is that he did not reassemble with the OD snapring.... Seems like it's a little incomplete... At least I hope so. The key is just to keep the spring from spinning the adjustment screw. When I got my backup tensioner it came with a little plastic version that fit into he slots just like the key to maintain tension, then when it was bolted back in, that is removed, and slack in the chain is taken up by the plunger.

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