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Hello, I have a 02 yz 426 that I installed a wr lighting coil and regulator on. I am making it "street legal" to a certain degree. I bought a cheap $10 12v horn as it is required. My problem is it sounds horrible unless I use a battery and I'm not putting one on the bike. Has anyone tried a rectifier from radio shack to get a horn to work without a battery?

Do you actually plan to use the horn? If it is just to pass dmv then who cares what it sounds like. Besides if vehicles can't hear a thumper they sure as heck aren't going to hear a $10 horn.

...if vehicles can't hear a thumper they sure as heck aren't going to hear a $10 horn.

I disagree. I have one of the $8 Baja Designs horns and it's much louder than my WR450 with an FMF Q on it. :)

When I have put a horn on a bike I always get the cheapy from Walmart. The bicycle horn with the little rubber ball. It meets the requirement here in Colorado and it's cheap.

I put one of these on my WR450 and have had great success getting the attention I need:


Before I went the full DC/battery route I used a bridge rectifier and a capacitor to power the horn. If I remember correctly it took about a 4700 ufd cap to make it work. It worked adequately except at idle where the stator just doesn't have enough output to power it sufficiently. I have also heard of guys using a 9 volt battery to power the horn but don't know how well it works.

Try getting a piezo crystal type. (auto alarms for Toyotas use these and I can get you a Toyota part number and price by request) These are more of an electronic instead of an electric horn and require little current and are pretty loud, compact and light. I ride with a guy on a KTM 300 EXC who has one, it sounds great!

not sure what type they are, but all Wr's in oz (from 400 onwards) are dual sported and have a horn as standard.


piezo is the gear! installed one under the dash of my truck connected to the alarm system to deafen any thieves trying for the stereo components!

Definitly will be loud enough for street legal, great idea to rattle your buddies on the trail!



I'd be interested in the part # and price if you can get them.



I'd be interested in the part # and price if you can get them.


Doug, I ordered one today, the retail cost (over the counter for regular folks) is $14, it comes with real long pigtail wires (red and black, about 4 feet long ea.) and I will have the number tomorrow when it shows up. Now it IS a DC unit, so a rectifier (diode) inline on one of the wires will be all that is needed to covert it to half wave rectified DC. Easy to do, go to Radio Shack, solder in a 3 watt diode (usually comes in a 3 pak for about $1.99) on the red wire, put the striped end toward the crystal, if you put the diode on the black wire, have the striped end of the diode pointing away from the crystal. All diodes have a stripe, this ID's anode from cathode. If the crystal is not polarity sensitive, it wont matter which way you install the diode on either wire, just as long as you have one inline on one of the wires. I will report here tomorrow with the part number. :)


I'd be interested in the part # and price if you can get them.


Doug, the Toyota part number is: 08192-12921 cost is about $14. I will PM you with this info also.

Here is my horn. Quite a few folks around me use this setup works great. Its a Radioshack personal alarm and a Honda Kill Switch. Maybe $20 total outlay. Wire them together and you have a 9v 100+db horn that will run for years on that battery.



Thanx Toyota, you're awesome! :)


I have been struggling to find a way to get my/a horn to work without installing a rectifier etc.

I guess the kill switch just bypasses the button and completes the circuit ! Neat idea. I checked on-line here in Switzerland...yes we have internet too...and 130dB for less than 7 bucks. I have my old kill switch too so I'm set, so long as I can still work my soldering iron.

I am always amazed at what I pick up on this site.

Thanks, yet again!!

These piezo alarms you're talking about are manufactured here in Columbus, OH. You can get them direct from floydbell.com

Hope this helps,


Keeping it in the family - 03 R1 switch controller & horn on mine - works great / sounds great...

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