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06 CRF250 Snapped Piston Ring

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Hello new here to the forums but I have a 06 CRF250 which I just recently acquired in a trade. Before I traded on the bike it was running very rough and had to be rolled off to get it to start. I figured it would take some money to get it going and traded accordingly. Yesterday I tore the engine apart to find a cracked piston ring. Decided to go ahead and split the cases to clean it of any metal shavings and found that the crankcases had a lot of scaring and aluminum missing where the crank drug the piston ring across the inner case. My question is, are these cases still usable? I gave 1200 for the motorcycle after the trade was said and done. I have already ordered 300 dollars worth of parts for the bike like gaskets, piston and rings and a some other cosmetic items. What would you advise that I do? I dont know if I can justify dumping another 500 for engine cases if they are unusable or can't be fixed. The bike does have a fresh valve job and a new crank which does not seem to have been damaged.




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thats tough man. I hear you on shelling out more money than you have to. One thing ive seen a few guys do is find someone in your area who is a REPUTABLE ALUMINUM welder. Not just a welder, an aluminum welder. A lot of welders dont mess with aluminum because they cant get the weld to stick. 

Find someone who can for fair price. Last i heard this job a guy paid a local AL welder like $50 to do this: 


take him the clean and dry split case. Have him fill all that in or add wherever you want to bring back into spec. Tell him to leave it raw and that youll do the finishing (this is where it gets so cheap) yourself. Once hes done and its all gnarly and ugly, take a fine file and then sand paper and slowly bring it down. Have straight edges, levels, calipers available to check your work. 

for what its worth, may be a more worthwhile expense first, rather than a new case. 

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