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09 YZ450F Extreme difficulty starting a cold engine

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I probably should have tried to get some help a long time ago about this, but for some reason I am only asking this now? But anyway on my 09 yz450f I have a very difficult time starting it for the first time that day, and just on a cold engine. After I have been riding for as little as a few minutes I can kick the bike over easy as pie, 1 good kick does it usually. Also I usually end up flooding the bike with gas after too many kicks and have to drain it out. I check spark plug gap quite often, and the gap along with the condition the plug is in are fine, (again, usually wet and gassy though :/). Being the profesional I am with carbs I was wondering if anyone has had and fixed this issue, and how? Assuming its a jetting issue....? 

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21 minutes ago, THE KRAN said:

Classic symptom of a worn out left intake valve


1 hour ago, S.O.A.N.Z said:

check your valve clearances

Didnt even consider this... Thanks very much, Hopefully  this weekend ill get a look at it.

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