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ESR BIG BORE YZ's facebook group

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HI Everyone

I have created a facebook group for us ESR Big bore guys.

The aim of the group is to have a wealth of knowledge on this kits all in one place.

I would like everyone to add there bike set ups and carby jetting setups to the page along with what area and country they live in, so we can enjoy these fantastic machines

Everytime i post a pic on my 2017 YZ with my esr kit on it the amount of comments and pm's i get asking about it and from follow owners asking about jetting set up is nuts

 so i thought, lets get all the riders in one place and share all our knowledge and help each other out.

 I am from Australia, and no way connected with ESR...... just thought we could have our own group

link is here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1553868631350031/?ref=group_browse_new


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I have changed the name to ESR & Big bore yz's............... so any big bore yz can join

please put up your bike deatils etc when u join


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