Insurance Providers.

Do any of you have theft or comp insurance on your 426??? I would like to insure mine for theft but AllState which I have my home and cars insured though will not insure it becuase it is on the "high performance" list. If you do have theft insurance on your 426, who do you go though and how much is it costing you?

Insured all of my bikes through Allstate; YZ426F, 400EX, PW80, Suz Quad 50.

We just gave our agent the VIN's and the lien holders and he did the rest.

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Mine is insured through state farm about $30.00 per month, however they sent me a questionaire wanting to know if I would use it for car pooling, what?????


Dude, I would get a quote from somebody else. $100/year is the most I have ever seen.

I use progresive(sp?) 56 bucks every 6 months for 2 bikes.

i had full coverage with "progressive"until this year i paid $343 yr.this yr i decided to just get liabilty and uninsured motorist.which cost me $80 a year.

Your bikes are covered under your home insurance if they are stolen from there. At least mine are according to my insurance provider. If it is stolen or damaged in a wreck while being towed by my vehicle my vehicle insurance will cover. I don't buy any additional insurance because the only way it ain't covered is when it is not at home or with my vehicle and that is when i'm on it and i feel sorry for the person who tries to steal "ole blue" when i'm on her, lol.

I pay $70/yr for my 00 426 through Erie Insurance. I am not covered if I hit another rider, but If my bike is wadded up or stolen it is covered. I pay $20/yr for my 94 YZ250 with the same coverage as my 426. My home owners will NOT cover any of the bikes if they are stolen from the garage or go up in flames with the house. The same held true of my auto insurance. If the bike fell out of the back of my truck or I was in an accident with the bike in the back of the truck, my auto insurance will NOT cover the bike.

My bikes are not covered by my home owners or regular car insurance. I purchased a 3 year theft insurance policy from the place that I bought the bike (Power Sports in Del Ray, FL) for I think $300. I'm not sure who is underwriting the policy, but I do wish that I had opted for the extra 2 years for only $100 more.

I thought my bikes were covered under my home owners policy but after talking to them, they said any motorized vehicle isn't covered. I pay $30 every 6 months for my 02 426 and my wifes 98 YZ125. Worth the money for the peace of mind.


You best double check you homowners insurance, I have Farmers and they dont cover dirt bikes if there stolon, burnt in a fire while in me garage or nothing, I also checked others (Ins) for homeowners and asked specificly if they cover dirt bikes

Answer = NO

not unless I add a seperate policy

I found the hard way now I am going after some punks parents ins to fix my daugters XR after the lil bastard stole it

American Family, $102 a year. mike

I agree Ego on the homeowners ins. I had a CR250 stolen out of my garage and the homeowners ins. wouldn't cover it. It says clearly in the policy that "any motorized vehicle is not covered unless it is used to maintain the property" like a tractor or riding lawnmower.

I have mine insured thru GuideOne for $73 a year, comp and liability.

Insurances vary from state to state regarding wether your bike is covered if stolen from your garage.

It is not specifically a "insurance company" thing, it is a "state insurance" thing for some reason.

I found this out when I moved to Texas. My bike is now covered under my homeowners policy AND since it is in Texas, I get to legally shoot anybody trying to take it!!! gotta love Texas.

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