Beware the Arkansaw MX pit (Arkansaw WI)


We had a great time at Arkansaw MX.  The track was slightly different, and the dirt was awesome. 

However, the grass has grown up, and if you aren't familiar, there is a dangerously big pit to the left of the second set of whoops.

I slid off the track, off to the left of the whoops.  I didn't hurry to get back on, it was slippery, I was going to meander back over... when I found the pit.

Watch my faceplant here:


It's right after the 4 minute mark.


Be careful out there!



Looks like you dang near had the place to yourselves. :ride:

We did, hardly anyone was there.  I don't know if some stuff was made smaller, but it seemed like that uphill stepup was within reach.  I wussed out, but it seemed like it could have been in the cards, I just wasn't quite sure that day.


The sun wasn't out most of the day, so the dirt held moisture, it was perfect, pretty much zero dust.


Give the place a try if it's been awhile, fun place to ride.

Yeah you guys looked like you pretty much had it down, looks alot better than the last time I was there.

We went back, I wussed out again.


I made the jump that Scoops was making, in the back, finally... but that uphill step up jump, dang it's big and I'm scared.


Seriously logic says just go for it, it has a nice takeoff, and I know what it takes, I just can't seem to will myself to huck it.

That seems how it goes, I wuss out over and over, and finally just do it or I don't.


The one in the back that just Scoops was making was freaky, it's blind, don't know why that matters, but it was scary too. :)


I generally ease into them, Try to gauge how far each gear, approx. 3/4 throttle will get me, outside of that, remember ,There's no penalty for not doing it.  :ride:

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