tiny anti-freeze leak on the 426....HELP

Help! lol. I got done riding last night and saw a little moisture on my frame, so i removed that little guard )just below the pipe) and shined a flashlight on the bottom side of the motor, just outside the skidplate. What i saw was a small hole with anti-freeze in it. It doesnt seem to leak alot, but im pretty damn sure it shouldnt leak at all. Am i wrong? What is that hole? I looked in my clymers book, and in online microfiches and cant seem to see any sort of plugs for it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

You need to replace your water pump seals and water pump shaft. The seal is leaking and that is a hole to let the coolant excape so you can tell the seals are bad. I just did mine last week really easy job. You need to remove the engine side cover to beable to replace the water pump shaft and inner seal. Good Luck

i need to replace the seals AND the shaft? or did i read that wrong? and also, is it able to be ridden while i have the parts on order as long as i make sure the coolant level is ok? thanks again!!!!!

anybody? lol

There are 2 seals and 1 bearing on the waterpump shaft and when the seals are bad you need to replace the waterpump shaft. For the cost of the shaft and all the other seals and gaskets you will need it is a cheap fix. I replaced every seal and gasket on the side cover while I had it apart. Good luck

If the coolant level is staying where it should and it is not leaking into the oil, then I think you are safe.

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