Harsh transition when rolling off throttle

I did several mods over the winter to my 2000 WR400, and now I can't tell which mod is affecting the response when the throttle is closed from about 1/8th throttle. There is a really harsh transition that hits just before the throttle is fully closed. Even when I roll the throttle off real easy, it seems like the transition from power on to engine compression braking is really harsh. It's really annoying, and I'm just wondering what might be causing it. Overall the bike is running better than ever, except for this one problem.

The mods I did over the winter were: YZ450 exhaust cam, JD jetting kit (blue needle clip 4), JamesNow, and FMF Q exhaust. Stock jetting with the JD kit, except for a 178 MJ for the Q. A lot of guys reported less compression braking after doing the YZ450 cam mod, but it seems a lot stronger on mine. Any ideas?

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