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wtf wtf need some opnions

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Guys, I bought a mate's run down 525 exc sumo. It's been recently rebuilt, but also died from some sort of issue. Nobody has found out why its not running and since he did not really have the cash to have a proper shop look at it, a few okes have had their fingers in the pie.


He was strugling a little finacially so I made him an offer, which I slightly overpaid, with the intention of stripping the bike and flogging it for parts and maybe making a buck or two, while I keep the motomaster setup, fcr and exhaust for something else. 


But, what if i fix the thing... dump the motor and find something that runs well and just turn it into a fun bike. 

Would you

find a donor engine 450/520/525

find a big bore single - lc4??

find a 4 cylinder superbike 600??



at this point, who knows... looking for some ideas


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