yz450er's How tall are you, what do you weigh?

I'm just shy of 5'11" 175lbs I have been riding YZ250f's since 2001 I'm thinking of getting a 450f just wondering how big most 450fer's are?

I'm on a 426, not 450, but 5'9 175-180

6'-2" 240lbs.

I have a 426 and I am 5'10" and 160lbs

I have a 450, and I'm 6'0 and 175-180lbs

on a 450. 6' at 212lbs.

6'2" and 220lbs.

5'11" 200,but feel like 300.

6' 190lb and ride a 426

i'm 6'4" 235lbs, went from a 426 to the 450 and love it. i've let a couple smaller guys (5'6" and 5'8") ride it and they loved it as well. the bike is light enough to be enjoyable by smaller riders.

i have a 450, 5'-9'', 165 lbs. awesome bike, like a 250f with twice the power.

I ride a 426 and I am 6' and weigh 190

5'-8" at 175Lbs

I got all you guys beat....I'm 5'11" 250lbs! And I might add a pretty mean 250lbs! :)

5'7", 170lbs. on an '01 426. Seat and subframe cut down due to stumpy condition... :D:):D

6'2" 220 lbs

I got everybody beat. 6'7" and 290, on a 426. Although I just got two days ago. I had a yz250.

6'0" and 172lbs.

No 450 got a 200 426

6'2" before three back surguries

6'1" Now

Weight well I can tell ya this I am 5 lbs lighter after I poop

Target Weight 185 currently 15 lbs to go

I'm 6' 224lbs on a 426 :)

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