yz450er's How tall are you, what do you weigh?

Ride a 450 and am 6' and 195 lbs.

'03 450F

beat 5'6 135! :):D :D

doesn't even know i'm on it

I am 6' 180. Like the 250 more.

6'3" 220lbs!

Wish I was 180. Its hard for my fat :) to hit triples.

'03 450F

beat 5'6 135! :):D :D

doesn't even know i'm on it

haha...im 5'4 about 145. i must be more ripped then you are...hahaha. i toss the ole 426 around like its an 80. pffft...ok, so it throws me around. but i love it!!!!!

5'10", 216# naked and after the morning daily business :)

Ridin a 450 now, left the 426 behind, need the extra oooooomph !

6'1" @ 245 pounds in a birthday suit.

5'11; 190-ish

6'3" 205.

6 foot nutin 188

I have a 426. Im 6'4" 210lbs, have green eyes and I like long walks on the beach and cool nights by the fireplace. I don't like to play games....wait...were the hell am I??? Thumpertalk?...sorry...I thought this was the personals for a minute...hahaha

Hug Me Flying I am in love :)


6' X 235lbs

My son who rides my bike once in a while is 5'6" 135lbs. and he has no problem with it.


Riding a 2004 450. :)

5'11" 185 lbs.

I am riding YZ450F's and would like more power. 6'2" and 200 lbs.

I'm 5'11" and I weigh 195lbs ...

Just to metricate everyone for a moment - 2.00m and 112kg in my birthday suit... :):D

OK, 6'6" and 245lb's... still on a 426 though - I haven't run out of fun yet... :D :D :D


03 YZF450, 6'2 170lbs

I love it! and found more ways to get more power out of her!

02' 426 5'6" 150LBS its like the bike has no rider lol

450 And I'm 5'10", 225# :)

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