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06 Franken bike Jetting

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Have a johnny cash bike (stole it one piece at time...didnt cost me a dime...) apparently.   Main frame and motor are 06, subframe was an 05, replaced it with an 06 so my exh midpipe would have something to bolt to.  My idle has been really funky lately with the heat (100+ days) so I built a heat shield to keep the carb cooler.  On tight trails it hunts for an idle and that gets kinda nerve racking with bike constantly lurching, sure wears my clutch hand out quick.  Pulled my air filter out to clean it and it had separated at the seam...whoopsies.  So bought a new air filter and its still running funky at idle.  Pulled the carb last night, figured the idle air jet may have garbage in it since its right there by the intake boot.  Nope, its clean.  So pulled the bowl since I didn't have a clue what pilot jet and MJ was in it.  I know it has the factory needle and in the 4th slot.  Was in the 3rd but I dropped it(the clip, not needle) one position to fatten it up and have it run a little richer (cooler).  Well the main jet and the PJ are way too big based on the 06 manual.  So for grins I got out my dial caliper and measured the bore on the head side and bam...its 41mm FCR carb.  Supposed to have a 40mm on it.  So downloaded the 08 manual and realized that the MJ is right on point for the 41mm carb.  178 but the idle jet is a 68!   the manual says 42 is right, and from what Ive read everyone goes to a 45.  So since this is a 41mm should I go with the 45 or maybe a 48?  Not sure if the bore will matter since the slide will be closed most of the way anyways at idle.

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