Exhaust help!!!

Ok guys, I have a CCC ride coming up with my kids and I have to put a different Muffler on my bike (04 yzf450) to meet the sound level requirements and spark arrestor. I am thinking either the Yosh RS-3 or a White Brothers E-series. I am confused on the White Brothers though becasue when I look at them on Dennis Kirk some are advertised as an S-Bend version and some arent. What the difference between the two? Also which would you recommend the Yosh or WB? Thanks for the help guys.

Just so you dont think I am being lazy, I did do a search on this and I didnt really find anything that answered the questions I am looking for. Help me out guys, this is a last minute thing I didnt plan for so I have to order one soon. Thanks again.

If all you need to do is get quiet, then why not save a LOT of cash and just get an end cap? The Pro Moto Billet and the Dr. D both get good reviews and are a LOT less expensive than a full exhaust. Just food for thought, enjoy the ride!

The difference between the s-bend and the pro meb, is that the s-bend stays the same diamiter around all the way up tell it gets to the muffler but the pro meg keeps getting bigger and bigger as it goes up until it gets to the muffler :)

Thanks for the info guys. I ordered up the White Brothers S-Bend today. The kids and I are headed up to Baldwin for the CCC Rite of Spring ride the first weekend in May so I wanted to get this thing installed and tuned in a hurry. I looked into the endcaps, but for almost $150 (for the Spark arrestor and quiet core) it seemed I would be further ahead to spend the little more for the White Bros pipe (slip on).

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