Could I change my rings, or a mechanic?

I want to replace my piston rings, I've done it before on a two stroke, but they say the fourstrokes are too complicated. Is this true? If not let me know what I should do and how should I do it. And, if I do it is there anything else i should do while I have the motor torn apart?


The only difference is the head is about 10 times larger and a cam timing chain runs through it. After the head is off, it is just like a 2 stroke, except better circlips and the rings don't have detents.

You will have to take off the chain tensioner and chain and retime the engine (done with punch marks) but you've already seen this if you've adjusted your valves.

As to what else should you do, you could lap the valves lightly with valve grinding compound and a lapping tool ($15 for both) but you will probably have to reshim when done if you do. Procedure in book. Just like on a 2 stroke, you won't have to split the case so you won't really be in the motor.

Good luck,


If you can take apart a 2 strokes top end...I think you should give it a try. It really isnt much different except for cams, valves, huge piston, huge head, etc, etc LOL. If you run into a problem just post your question on here and you'll be set by the next day. Good Luck,


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Come on Polar Bear, you can do it!!

Just pull it apart and throw in the new rings. It will make your bike faster, and with your new plastic and graphics kit, you might even be able to keep up with me?? :D:)

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