Alright silly question

Alright guys..I just updated the clutch bushing on my 02' 650R. Mind you it didn't need it...However it's been like 5 months since I've kicked this bike over. When the kickstarter recoils there is a loud "tink tink tink" clicking noise which sounds like the recoil mechanism. I've been riding several other bikes in the interim and I just wanted to make sure everyone else's recoil is just as loud. It's been a while...she starts and runs fine and makes no other noises...Any help??

Anyone??...C'mon guys just go kick your bike over quick..LOL :)

You installed your kickstarters racheting assm. wrong, go take the cover off and check and reinstall.

All I took off was the clutch basket to change the bushing, should that matter? I didn't touch the kickstart assembly and it recoils fine.

Mine makes the same noise and has never been apart. My first XR650R did not make this noise. I took it to the Honda shop and had the mechanic (a friend of mine) listen to it. He said it sounded like the rachet was not completely disengaging. The bike did not do this before but it sat for a few months without starting it. I installed the Edelbrock carb and noticed it the first time I started it. I know it has nothing to do with the carb. It seems to go almost completely away after the bike warms up some.

I'm still under warrantee so I may have it looked at later.

Mine did sit for a few months without starting, strange huh. Anyone else??

It looks like you guys shouldn't let your bikes sit for a couple months. Just think what might happen if you do it again.

Well here in the Northeast we have winter, and my pig didn't move much in the snow... :)

I 'd lOOOOVE to run out and kick mine over for ya... HOWEVER (see post on "bent valves.... etc" :)) I can't. :D

Well guys just went out and kicked her over and it didn't make any noise. I think she was neglected and needed some oil. I could hear her crying like the tinman, "Oil Can, Oil Can". She's running top notch now...

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