Street legal kit - 650R

I have been looking into making my BRP street legal. Rocky Mountain sells a kit for 200 bucks. All that is included in the kit is a horn, mirror, and a brake light. I can't see spending that much for these items.

Anyone know where I can get these items for cheaper, possibly seperately and not in a "kit".



Baja Designs will sell ya select parts.


I JUST got my XR650R licensed in Illinois last Friday. I didn't buy a kit, but did it all myself. I plan on rewinding the stator in the next couple of months to give it a little more juice. I don't know the requirement in Utah, but I bought two of the hydraulic switches out of Dennis Kirk, a horn on e-bay, and a POS mirror that I plan to replace. For the rear light, I bought a DOT tail light/ brake light at Walmart for eight bucks, and made a mounting plate out of stainless plate. I've been playing with different combinations for a few months, and what I have now will work for a few months. When I hit the brake, the headlight does dim a little, but as stated earlier, I plan on a stator upgrade. In an earlier post someone mentioned buying a dual element 25w/25w HL bulb, and soldering the two nubs together. He said it was an A3603 (I think) bulb. Again, that will require a little more amperage, and it won't give you a high beam, but will give you two elements and a little bit of redundancy in case you lose one. I will try to post some pictures in a couple of days. In all, I probably spent a hundred bucks. Also, I connected the taillight assembly with a trailer harness, and have it attached to the back fender with a couple of carriage bolts and wing nuts. I can take it off in about two minutes.

Good Luck!

Gary :):D

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