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Unstable on fast straights

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Hi Guys

I ride a 2014 Husqvarna TE 250. It has been revalved for fast XC style races. The problem is I have been having some issues with stability on fast open straights. In particular it is on parts that are very fast and not really very rough. In rough terrain and going over sand whoops and braking bumps the bike behaves very good. I even did some MX with the bike and it handles jumps fairly well especially at the rear.

But on easy-moderate rough straights it is scary at speed. It just feels as the rear is swapping all over the place and not sticking to the ground. What could cause this?

My first impression is that the HS on the rear is way too stiff and just deflects off everything. In my last race is was so severe that at any speed above 120 kph the rear will jump up and down so violently that my feet can't stay on the pegs no matter what I do. Toes in and standing did not help.  My next thought is that it might be packing. My other guess would be that the 4CS forks still run to low in the front causing the rear to be light and that causes it to deflect due to the valving being too stiff.

What would you guys suggest I do to try and find the cause?

I ran sag at 105mm HS 2.25 turns out, LS 12 out and REB 8 out. 5.7 spring in the rear ( I do also own a 6.0 rear)

Forks were COM 30 out and REB 20 Out (I still had the same issue when the forks compression was at 10 clicks out)

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