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New to Western Kentucky

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Whats going on everybody. So I'm new to Madisonville KY. I got out of the service a few months ago and have started a new career here. I used thumpertalk while serving in California to meet new people to ride with and the best spots around and had an awesome time. We all went on some epic trips out there that I will never forget. Looking to do the same thing here so WHO'S RIDDING here in western Kentucky and the surrounding areas. I mostly like to do woods riding but you can pull me along to the occasional track days. I like the hard technical enduro type stuff and am constantly pushing myself to get faster whether that actually ever happens or not. Im also intrested in getting into the woods racing scene around the area if there is any. I made a facebook page called Western Kentucky Dirt Riders to kind of have a place where people can organize rides and show what they are doing. Get on there and give it a like so we can get it up to speed and get as many people out riding as we can. Anyway feel free to share some rides coming up here or whatever else. Glad to be a part of thumpertalk and hope to see you guys out on the bikes soon.

-Ethan Pierce 

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Welcome to West KY and thank you for your service!  I myself unfortunately am not riding right now, new house and wedding are holding up the riding budget for the time being.  I believe at the Land Between The Lakes recreation area there are some trails to ride over there such as Turkey Bay, also in Southern Indiana there is Interlake Recreation area and also over in Illinois there is a place called Little Egypt that's pretty fun to ride at.  The Motocross scene seems to have died down a little in the recent years but there are a few tracks that i know of in the area such as Echo Valley MX in Poole, KY and 800MX in Crofton, KY.  There seem to be alot more Harescramble/Woods racing in this area with series' such as the Midwest Cross Country (MWXC), Midsouth Cross Country (MSXC), Southern Indiana Grand Prix Series (SIGPS) and the Indiana Cross Country Series (IXCR).







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