Hole shot device at Dallas SX

Did anyone notice Ricky Carmichael and several riders setting their "hole shot devices" on the line at the Dallas Supercross? It was on ESPN this last Saturday. I know the factory mechanics are making them, but has anyone on TT made one or know where to buy one as an aftermarket item?

it aint out for public to buy yet, but im sure some genius (motoman393) can make one out of nothing. but for sure when one does come out, imma get one and blow everyone away :)

I'm making them, Isaiah Johnson is using ours on his RM's,his cousins Keith and Kevin Johnson are using them on their YZ/YZF's along with Ryan Clark. We're selling them for $50, that includes us cutting the window in your fork protector.

I talked to 3 privateers at the Houston SX about this and saw how the "privateer" racer did it on their bikes. Basically they replaced the plastic fork sliders on the forks which machined aluminum units with a hook shaped like a "U" that wont interfere with the suspension's normal movement. Then they cut a small square hole in the front fork protector. This lowers the front end of the bike for the start about 2-3" and all 3 riders said it makes a big difference. It looks real easy to do.

I was telling one of the 250f riders about TTalk and he knew exactly what it was. I told him I was motoman393 and he said, "man I got the BK mod info off your site about 4 months ago." I thought that was cool that he recognized me off the net. I should have taken some pics of the mod...well theres always next year. Later,


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Could you post or e-mail me a pic of your holeshot device? Thanks.

Here's a picture showing the Hook, we are now covering the window in the fork protector with an old reed petal to keep the roost off your fork legchgmsoRMykeakEc.JPEG

I assume a wire hooks in the hole in the fork protector, but I don't see where the wire is located. Thanks for posting the pic.

I put 12 zip ties around the rim to the bottom of the tripple clamp, and tighten real tight. 12 works pretty good anything less and the damn things snap off when the wheel starts turning


No wire,the forks are compressed down to where the hook is forced into the hole,then you release pressure on the fork and the hook catches. It releases either when you hit the first bump(the start gate is not enough of a bump to release it)or the first time you grab the front brake entering turn one.


It was a joke

Maybe I'm a stoopid, but what keeps the hook from grabbing the hole after the initial release (say during the rebound after a landing)? It looks like it could hook again. What am I missing here?

The fork slider is pretty far from the hook.It looks like you have to push pretty hard to get the slider to engage with the hook. My question is -- WHAT do you do when EVERYONE has one on their bike and the advantage is given to all people on the start line?

I'm wondering if using this shortens the life of the fork guard?

BBleakly, You really have to push and distort the fork guard to get the hook thru the window. The only way it could hook on a landing is if there is several pounds of force pushing in on the fork guard when the forks compress, you would have to land on someone and have their body or bike pressing hard on the fork guard to make this happen. The guys that have been testing/using the prototypes have not had any problem with it hooking up unintentionally.

Butterman, I had the same concern as bbleakley. You mentioned that you are now covering the hole in the fork guard with a reed petal. If you were to put the reed petal on the back side of the fork guard this would appear to keep the device from inadvertently snagging, although you said no one has experienced such problems. In other words, when activating the device, you would have to bend the reed petal out of the way before engaging the hook. After the hook was released by the first bump or brake action, the reed petal would snap closed thus eliminating accidental hooking - just a little extra insurance. What do you think?

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If it's on the inside the G-10 petal would have to be narrower than the window and it would flex out thru the window to allow the hook thru. so it also woud have to leave a small gap at the top to do that.Mounting the petal on the outside completely covers the window. The molded right angle ledge that runs vertical top to bottom just left of the window in this picture is almost touching the alu. hook clamp in a free state. This is the reason that the hook can not accidentally catch,and also the reason it takes some force to flex that ledge to force the hook thru the window.

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