'86 Kawasaki KLR 250, wiring the CDI, need help!

im looking for some advise about wiring my '86 klr 250
hope you can help me out or point me to someone who knows about wiring a CDI

the wire colours dont match any diagram !!
the cdi unfortunatly doesnt have the original plug connector, just wires coming out of it...
im trying to build a new wire harness

CDI (its a denso 21119-1180)

Black - 
Red - power from stator
Red/Green - 
Blue/Green - 
Black/White - Killswitch circuit?
White - 
Red/Black – ground to have spark (sidestand switch etc kills it)


Yellow - power to Rectifier
Yellow - power to Rectifier
Red - Power to CDI
White - 


Black/Yellow - to ??? on CI
Black - to ??? on CI

Yellow: power from Magneto
Yellow: power from Magneto
White: power to battery?
Brown: power from ignition switch?



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