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2004 250R Dual Sport Conversion - Handelbars??

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I got a wild hair and decided to convert my 04 250R into a dual sport bike.  Here is what I’ve done so far.  Rewound my stator and installed a 13 oz over OEM lighting flywheel to put out 90 watts in order to power a Baja Designs Dual Sport lighting kit.  I installed a 49 tooth rear sprocket, Polisport enduro skid plate, Acerbis 2.9 gallon fuel tank, Scotts Steering Stabilizer; Dunlap DOT approved 10% street / 90% dirt tires, TrailTech Vapor computer, and a mirror on the left side of my handlebars.

After installing the turn signal/headlight switch, mirror, and Garmin Montana GPS using a RAM mount I am out of space on the handlebars to mount a roll chart.

I am thinking the solution is to install 1 1/8 handlebars to give me some more space to mount a roll chart.  I found some Tusk I 1/8 fatty bars and risers however, the Tusk bars come in several different bends.  I don’t know squat about handlebar bends.  I am 5’ 9” and haven’t done any long distance desert enduro or dual sport riding but I understand much of riding is done standing.  I will be riding the Barstow to Vegas dual sport ride in November.  This is a two day desert ride.

Considering the length of the control cables, my height, and the what I need to mount to the bars, can someone recommend which of the Tusk fatty bars below might meet my needs?

                         Width     Height    Sweep

ATV High Bend    31.5"      4.75"      2.41"

KTM Bend           31.93      3.62       2.05

CR High Bend      31.5"       3.75"     2.45"

MX Race Bend     31.6"       2.8"       2.25"

YZ Bend             31.6"       3.5"        2.38"

Many thanks.

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Since you're wanting alot of straight length to attach stuff to, the ATV bend will give you the most

straight length. The ATV bend is also the tallest height, so this will be the one to give you the most comfort while riding standing up. The tall height "might" also require longer cables, or you can reroute them differently to capture more slack.

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