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2012 YZ450F Chain Adjusters Line Wheel Up Wrong

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Hey folks, I can post some pics if needed. I just replaced the chain as well as front and rear sprocket on my bike. I replaced the original set with OEM DID chain and OEM Sunstar sprockets. I noticed when I had the blocks on the rear axle lined up correctly that one side had the block adjuster bolt way out - 20+ threads showing, whereas the sprocket side block had less than 15 threads showing. Basically the brake side bolt was almost all the way out whereas the sprocket side bolt was only half way out.... but the blocks were both even at 3 lines out from all the way back. I looked at the rear wheel and it definitely wasn't lined up straight with the swing arm, it was cocked to the right. The bike hasnt been down or had any bad crashes so there is no damage. I decided to take a tape measure and measure from the swingarm bolt near the motor to the axle bolt on both sides and make that distance equal. On the sprocket side, I measured from the swing arm bolt to the axle and then on the brake side measured the same thing and got them even. I then adjusted the chain for 3 fingers slack and then made sure these measurements were correct and tightened everything up. The wheel looked perfectly straight but the chain adjuster marks were not even on both sides. Is this normal? Should I trust the measurement rather than the chain blocks? I hate to try and out-think the manufacturer but the wheel was crooked and when I measured and set the axle at the same distance from the swing arm bolt on both sides, it looks right on. Thanks. One other thing, even with the original chain and sprockets, I had to adjust them after every race day. I couldnt believe how much the chain needed to be adjusted. With the new set  of chain and sprockets, I had to adjust it after every moto today. I am particular.... but it went from 3 fingers slack to 4 fingers slack after each moto and nothing had broken loose, axle bolt and all adjusters were tight so the axle didnt move, the chain just loosened up that quick. Thanks again for any help

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