Can't roll bike unless it is in neutral???

I just noticed this yesterday. I went to move my bike out of the garage and it wouldn't roll. So I thought to myself that I'd left it in first gear when I cut the engine off. No biggie I thought, just pull the clutch in and move the thing. Wrong answer, rear wheel would slide instead of rolling. I've noticed it had a little drag to the clutch when cranking it in gear but didn't think to much about it. The bike seems to do fine when riding it. It shifts good, clutch action is good, so I am kinda puzzled. I overfilled the thing with oil awhile back, but got that straightened out that very night. I've rode it almost 50 miles since then with no problems. I just found this problem yesterday.

Any of you guys had this happen? Solutions????

Bent brake rotor or bent chain guide? Wheel bearings?

No, the bike works perfect. It really acts as if the clutch is not disengaging. But it has to be working pretty good or it'd show up when I was riding, and as I said it shifts like butter.

If you put the bike in neutral it rolls like it should with very little effort.

Sorry my mistake. I thought you were talking about dragging in neutral. I've noticed this on most of my bikes over the years. I think it's just the clutch dragging a little with the cold oil. I don't think it's a problem.

That's kind of in line with what I was "hoping" it was. I think I'll test this theory out this weekend. I'll see what happens after I've got the bike up to operating temperature. I'll post my results, thanks for replying.

It's probably just the clutch plates sticking together in the cold oil. Try it when the engine is warm. There'll still be drag but not nearly as much. The drag is normal when the bike has been sitting.

It's just cold oil! :)


I'm glad all you guys have chimed in! Even though the bike has performed flawlessly, I was still a little concerned about it. It is a great bike for sure. Thanks for the help guys!!! :)

mine does the same thing

Like every1 else said, clutch drag. is your clutch adjusted correctly? I've never had the problem on my WR, but my old zxr used to drag that bad that it would sometimes stall when you put it into gear when it was cold. You may find your clutch basket is notched where the friction plates locate, preventing the clutch from fully releasing. More than likely, it will be hard to find nuetral when it's cold.


My bike does it too........

I used to have a similar probelm with my old 1973 Kaw Z1 900. After it sat for a long time it was hard to start and would jump the first time I put it into 1st.

Once it warmed up and I rode it the problem went away. I never found the real problem, but I always thought it was plate sticking due to oil/oil additives. Clutch never slipped and bike ripped.

Make sure that you are using a good quality 4 stroke motorcyle oil and make sure that it is for wet clutches, some aren't.

So the flawless bike that I thought I got a steal on saturday does the same thing :thumbsup: Guess I should have spent more time going through it before I laid out the cash. Either way, it is something I need to resolve. So far I haven't had the chance to really ride the bike and see if it still does this after riding for a while. I did warm the bike up in the garage and after about 5 min, the symptoms seemed to lessen a little bit, but still hard to roll in gear with the clutch in. I adjusted the lever as much as I could, to the point where I couldn't pull it all the way to the bar. I can live with it for a while, but ultimately something is going to need to be done. Grrrr.

What is this all about :thumbsup: I think a good running cluth with appropriate oil will never let the bike's rear wheel rev in first gear even if you pull the clutch lever. When the oil is cold it is very normal. This is not a problem. All bikes I had always did that once appropriately set up.

Your bike is alright buddy. :awww::lol:

Something is very wrong with all the bikes that have this problem :awww:, but i will help you guys out, :lol: i will offer you guys five hundred bucks per bike thats right I must be crazy to offer so much for a problem that might not be fixable, hey what are fellow riders for :thumbsup:.

yes, yes i get the same thing from my 300 Gas Gas, but it seems to be ok when i start it and put it in gear, don't worry be happy. :lol:

This has been normal on all dirt bikes. Especially on four strokes with large clutches. Once the hot oil gets between the clutch plates it works fine. it is better to have this situation with a cold engine then to have the clutch slipping once the oil is hot. :thumbsup:

it is better to have this situation with a cold engine then to have the clutch slipping once the oil is hot.

:thumbsup::awww::lol: Exactly! :lol: :lol:

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