Top end ticking

Hey guys, i have an 86 dr200 that i just rebuilt top end. Bought the bike not running so i have no history on it. I got it running. However theres a ticking comin from sounds like exhaust valve area, and bike is completely gutless. I adjusted valve clearance. Helped a bit but still garbage. Wondering if maybe its the decompression mechanism. The cable and lever are gone, so cant adjust anything that way. Any idea how to adjust that mechanism???? Also, when bikes running, that thing is vibrating like crazy, as if the valve is hitting it. So either way, it needs adjustment. Help?!?

Had a similar issue on my 81 SP500, adjusted valves, kept ticking, looked a little further and saw that the tensioner for the timing chain was worn out, retarding the timing way too far. Check the tension on the timing chain and then go from there. you can check the compression as well and see if the decomp is on. 

Thanks. Thats a good idea

Definitely check out the decomp mechanism. When the auto decomp busted on my DR650, it sounded like that, ticking. It was because there was nothing closing the exhaust valves resulting in low compression. I would try to get a cable, lever, etc. and restore the decomp.

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Is there any way to just disable the mechanism? Remove it? Ive been lookin for a video or anything, cant find one anywhere

had a dr650 that ticked when idling cold.

i had a theory it was the auto CR snapping at low RPMs

try increasing the idle speed a little

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