Hello everyone, I've been out of the sport for a while and just purchased a sweet yz 426. I'm looking to change the pipe to a high performance forest/street legal pipe, yes I'm gonna put alight kit and tag on it. many thanks. also any other things that would be helpfull would be greatly app. :)

FMF Q series seems like a good way to go.


The FMF one is good, but spendy. White Bros. sells their E-Series muff/sparky. I have one on my bike and I'm down to five discs. It's reasonably quiet and still pulls out fine. Just last weekend I added their stealth insert, but it doesn't seem to help a lot. Great pipe though.


I recently purchased the Randy Hawkins quiet race series from white bros. I am very happy with the pipe( running stock header). It isn't as loud as the stock system either. It is also USFS approved. Running very well w/ stock jetting also.

I should also mention I run mine on the street.

Thumpin in the city, thumpin in the woods!

99yz400f,street/dirt electrex dakar kit,randy hawkins e-series pipe,T-handle,moose skidplate,acerbis hand guards,renthal sprockets and chain, acerbis 3.2gal tank,Renthal fatbars


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I've been running the FMF Q with the stock header on my 426 for a while now. It is actually quieter than the stock muffler. Performance wise I can't really compare it to the stock unit as I only ran that just during break in then added the "Q". The bike certainly isn't slow with it on. I really only have two complaints about the "Q". First is the connection between the header and muffler. It's a slip fit with no gasket and it does leak. I've used Hi-temp RTV and it helps somewhat. Second complaint is the rear mount. It's held on with a metal strap like many road bike systems. It bugs me even more now since FMF just put out the same system for the CRF and it has a rigid mounting boss welded onto that unit!! I've recently added a Pro Moto Billet

end piece (with screen type S/A) to my stock muffler and I'm going back to that. It's a very nice product and the noise level will basically be back to stock. The FMF "Q" is verrrry long also!

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