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2011 kx450 CLUTCH not disengaging help!

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Hey guys new to the site. Really could use some help. My clutch fried out was not disengaging. When I would pull in the clutch when bike was in 1st on the stand rear tire would spin. Also when bike was off and I tried to pull in clutch in gear would move a little bit. But definitely no rolling like it would be in neutral definitely tension still. So I replaced cable definitely helped when it came to my lever.  Still didn't fix the issue. So took the bike apart plates were very discolored and springs we're like a quarter inch shorter then what they were suppose to be. And the inner and outer basket had very slight grooves. And I mean barley nothing to them. So I filed them down nice and smooth. Put everything back together with  new hinson plates and springs.  torqued everything to spec. Changed oil and filter as well as air filter. We pumped to go to the track . Then bang rear tire is still spinning on stand  and not disengaging  . But definitely felt better. Now before I rip her apart again I would greatly appreciate so pointers or help . Thank you much appreciated . I took pictures of the old clutch if you see anything else please inform me. And tommorow when I take the cover off I will take pics on how I put it back together.





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When have bike on stand the rear will alwas spin in gear with the clutch pulled, the clutch never disengage 100%. 

It even spins in neutral on a stand because of oil drag in engine.

Even when engine is could and you put it in first gear first time of the day it will drag and sometimes feel a little jump, its not unusual.

Drive for 5-10 min and if it doesent disengage then its a problem 

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