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Another xtrainer fork kit

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Just saw this new cartridge kit. 3 off the shelf options available now.


Finally, the Boano / Andreani cartridge pair for the XTrainer Beta. For those who want to improve the front of the motorcycle while maintaining the original diameter fork 43. These cartridges will allow you to maintain the same agility, however, improving high speed stability. Springs provided with two adjustable cartridges. The left cartridge has the rebound adjustment and the right cartridge compression adjustment. Both have the pre-load of the spring that will allow you to go from one extreme use to turn on tracks more rough, pitted and fast in greater safety.

Available setting:
compression from all close: 4 turns
rebound from all close: 4 turns
Pre-load spring: 10 turns

STD setting:
Spring 4.4N/mm
compression: 1.5 turns
rebound: 1.5 turns
spring pre-load: 5 turns
Oil: Motorex Fork Oil 5w

Special order, limited availability item. Please allow 10-14 days for shipping.

Boano XTrainer Dual Fork Cartridge Kit
Produced by Boano Race Parts/Andreani Group of Italy

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Defiantly an upgrade but as the price gets closer to the $900 mark a KYB alternative is the better option. Big plus you can move the forks to another bike with little expense if any or sell.

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For off the shelf options the sachs fork kit is too dearly priced. I've already gone the marzocchi kit route, which was $500 less than the sachs kit, and am pleased with it. I was too lazy to piece together my own complete solution. :) It looks like there are guys putting the info out there to make that simpler though. I would probably go the pieced together KYB route now as it seems the info is out there.

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With either a Banao or RR clamp 2010+ models are preferred. Use axle for same year and fork. Mine came from a 2015 yzf250. Need wheel spacer and a caliper bracket. I was picky so my forks cost a bit more then someone that just needs forks.

View my XT Suspension topic for more info

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