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PLEASE help with DRZ400SM wiring harness

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I was hit by a car a few years ago and the bike was destroyed. I've recently gotten my life back together enough that I can fix her and have done all the mechanical repairs like putting a new frame in, but I'm stuck on the wiring harness part. I have the factory wiring diagram, but frankly am having trouble making heads or tails of it. I'm uploading the photos of the bike as it sits now. If anyone can point out which connectors go where, that would be much appreciated. If you can upload photos of your own bike that would help too. Thanks!
















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The green plug by the right radiator goes to the ignition switch or starter, I can't remember which but it should easy to see. The other green plug by where the seat is goes to the kick stand switch. The CDI/TPS plugs should be obvious to you. As are the power plugs to the RR.

Looks like the ground to the coil is sitting on your CDI box in that 1 photo.

The lights and signals should be fair simple, just follow your diagram.

To read the diagram, just follow the line straight up, or down, until it turns, then straight again. Unless there is a colored in circle where 2 lines cross, ignore the other line and keep following the direction it is going. Just do 1 plug at a time, you'll get it.

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