Jetting in Oklahoma

Just wondering which main jet you might be running or any other carb mods that might need to be made on a 99 400 in Oklahoma.

Hey there, I'm in Duncan and I am currently runnig stock jetting and stock settings on my carb, although when it was cold, I did play with the fuel screw some-what. Is yours having a problem or what? Also where do you ride in the City, we need to hook up sometime and ride!!!

I run a 48 pilot and have a Factory R&D P-38 Lightning Fuel Accelerator pump.

I'm not having any problems but I rode a guys 400 that had some carb work done on it and it was more responsive than mine. He's the one who told me about TT but I lost his number to find out what he did. My acc pump was filthy when I checked it. That seemed to help but the local dealer says there is a standard acc pump and then 3 options but he couldn't tell me the differences between them.

As far as riding goes I joined OCCRA (OCCRA.COM) and have been riding all over.

Newer bikes have a leak jet to reduce the accel pump squirt. On older bikes, the BK mod, the taffy mod, putting washers under the AP diaphram, putting RC wheel collars somewhere are all things you can find on this post. Almost everyone that changes the AP goes for less fuel.


Did you meet this guy out at Stanley Draper Lake with a guy that was on CRF450? If so that was me. I have a '99 400 with MotoXXX graphics. I remember I met a guy out there a while back that I let ride my bike.

Cobra314 your the one that let me ride his bike. I'd be interested in knowing the modifications that you made on your bike.

take a look at my first post on this topic...that's it!! I sent you a PM.

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