How about a Wipeout thread?

For some reason I have a few POV crash videos.  


Used my ninja skills on this one walked away unscratched   


I was experiencing power valve issues w/ this GG



Youre supposed to hang onto the bike in the first one   :banghead:

A photo from last month.


Posted this one at the end of my first mx race thread. Happened on Saturday...not too bad.



I'm cool with this thread as long as it involves others and not me!

I think you could of avoided falling and letting go on these spills when in doubt throttle it out!! next time just try to lean back on these log ones and on the hill climb just give it some more gas cool area I like it 

I made it over his bike, but went over the bars after hitting him in the leg. Skip to 1:40 for the wreck


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my bad ones are always when i dont have a camera on go figure, have no idea what happened here i kinda just fell off the damn thing 


my best/worst wipeout included a broken collar bone, detached one half of that broken collar bone from my shoulder , broken hand/fingers , and a broken foot all on my left side b

efore that i looped a bike dong a steep hill climb with it peged in 2nd or 3rd i really dont rember and looped it , when i woke up i was halfway up the hill with friends staring at me

and my other good one was avoiding a head on with a ford f-350 super dudty only to end up crashing into a drainage ditch at about 40mph , surprisingly only breaking a few fingers, i never let go of the bike , i had a death grip on that thing 

I crash occasionally





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