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1997 yz250 fork help please

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Got a sweet low hr used set w/ tree to put on my 92 125 (w/allballz conversion bearing). Do any of you have the manual w/ the factory oil wt. spec & height? Have the manuals for my 92 & 93 and tryin not to buy one  just for this. Those torque specs should be ballpark efficient, many similarities. Also any of you journeymen who rode these back in the  day, your experience would be welcome. Eric Gorr's book  says set @ 90mm ( makes me curious as to what  oem is )but that's all I have found on google so far. Zilla's oem pics for assy I have, and have ordered all the bearings/axle/spacers as I believe they jumped up to 20mm ft axle in 96; 125/250 same #. Heck, found a complete hub on the bay w/ bearings and seals for $21 & got it for reference purposes :) 

Thank you for your time and info. Mark


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