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next step from drz

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i'm riding a modified drz for the past 4 years, i do evrything with it, from daily road rides to pretty hard enduro, the bike works evry day... and doing a decet work.

lately im thinking to move on to an enduro bike, but i dont want to lose the evry day use..... i was thinking towards beta rr 480.

anybody has experience with the beta for that kind of use?

any other recommendations?



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The DR-Z has 3,200 mile oil change intervals and 15,000 mile valve checks.  Most of the high performance race enduro bikes have much more rigorous maintenance schedules that, in my opinion, make them not feasible as daily ridden bikes doing commuter duty unless you have a really fat wallet.  To put it into perspective my KTM XCF-W would require 10 oil changes, 2 valve checks and a piston replacement in about the same amount of time that the DR-Z would require it's first oil change. 

So whatever bike you end up looking at, download the manual online and look at the service schedule. 

Or you could do what I did, keep both the DR-Z and a high performance enduro bike.  


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