Idle not "settling," return cable too tight?

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Yeah, i was gonna see if I could just get the tune right on the stock settings. But I probably have to pull the carb to drill out the plug to access the fuel/air screw. So, at that point, I might as well do the JD Jet Kit. OK, you're all right.
I'll order the jet kit, just a quick question though. I've got a pretty much brand new No-Toil air filter in there. Does the 3x3 & JD kits require a high flow filter like a K&N or can I keep using the No-Toil at least until the next time I change the air filter?

No toil or uni is best. Most on here agree that k&n is only suitable for purely street only bikes at best. The jd kit will work great with the filter you have, after the 3×3 of course.
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