680cc kit

Does anyone ride a 680 kit on the XR650???

Can the Honda crank and rod take it? And how long ? :) I've heard bad things about it :D

I have 1 laying around(plated 680 cyl + Wiseco piston) for 1.5/2 years now :D

It's for street use (supermotard).Thx :D

XR650R SM 2000:CRD headers,Leo Vince X3 open can,Mikuni TM40,open side panel,No Toil airfilter,no back fire screen,Monnier tank + custom grafics ,cut slicks or rains,Braking Wave 320 mm disc with Brembo Gold-line racecaliper,Wave rear disc etc...

Nobody??? :)

I know Rob Barnum rides with a 680cc kit and builds 680cc bikes for racers. You can contact him at sales@barnumspro.com

I did, no answer...

I try again... :)


I did get a (quick) answer now,thx Rob :)

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